About Us

We are a Non-Profit organisation based in Milton Keynes in the UK. We were formed over 2 years ago and work to inspire young people to get into ICT. We do this through teaching computer coding to children and teaching youths and disadvantaged communities, including refugees, Web Design skills. We also run a safe online surfing awareness campaign and encourage youth talent in project management.

With the aid of volunteers, we channel our skills and tech to inspire young people to become tech innovators, software developers or future STEM students. 

Inspiring young people with tech skills creates a stream of youths with dreams, hopes and aspirations of being future tech change-makers.

We design lifelong programs to children, youths and adults that inspire them to learn skills of their dreams and aspiration. Children visit a workplace in Milton Keynes and get a chance to experiment on how to work in a job of their choice. With youths, we run an Internship Project Management program that gives them an opportunity to work as project managers. The adults gain experience in learning and practising in starting and managing a charity.

We organise Back to Education event where we showcase colleges, universities, courses and general admission info about higher education institutions in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

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Who We Work With

We work with a diverse range of organisations and institutions both private and governmental. 

We work with schools to teach computer coding skills to children; they learn coding using Scratch – a friendly and graphic user interface development environment.

We work with youth organisations to teach young people web development skills; this helps them to search for jobs in the IT industry.

People from marginalised and disadvantaged communities lack employable skills and qualifications. We link people from marginalised and disadvantaged communities in Milton Keynes to colleges and universities. This enables them to learn new skills and sets them on a path to future employment.

Teachers and youth leaders play a vital part in guiding young people to a better future. Statistic after statistic points to youths spending a considerable amount of time online that brings with it great challenges. We work with teachers, community and youth leaders, by running safe online awareness campaigns, to reduce the number of young people getting caught up in the dangers of online surfing.

Working with community leaders helps us to meet talented youths from marginalised and disadvantaged communities, enabling us to work with, and teach them, internship project management skills.


We are an organisation that is working to transform the lives of people from disadvantaged and marginalised communities in Milton Keynes for the better. The programs we carry out have a long-lasting impact in the community we work in. The principle areas we use are education, training and internship. These are key to tapping into their minds and creating a new momentum to create endless opportunities.

Aims and objectives

To inspire a generation from marginalised and disadvantaged communities that is tech minded, creative and innovative. 

We want to see many young people get back into higher education, earn a qualification and enter into paid employment.

Work with youths to learn project management skills and start their own enterprises, so that we reduce youth unemployment in marginalised communities.

Ensure youths use the internet in a safe, secure, wise and friendly environment.

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