Technology for Suburban youths

Technology is one of the best tools that can be used to create skills and employment opportunities for youngsters in suburban areas. We team up with young people, communities, schools and youth centres to teach children and youths the skills of the 21st century.
ICT for development inspires young people to become future software developers. Jobs in this industry are highly paid and the demand is high helping to reduce youth unemployment.

We concentrate our energy in teaching the 3 main core areas in software development:
1. Computer coding for children to inspire kids to become future software developers.
2. Python programming for youths; this is the backbone for software development, giving youths the skills to become computer programmers.
3. AI developers; we introduce machine learning to secondary school students to inspire them to consider studying AI at university. AI is changing the way we live, do business and communicate. The job growth curve in this sector shows the trend is currently on a steep growth path, and the job opportunities are on the rise.


Children are curious, creative and seek to explore new adventures. We teach children Scratch where they learn to create sprites, characters, add sounds, colours, text, costumes and produce multimedia productions.
Computer coding is the language of the future. Teaching children computer coding skills at an early age will inspire them to become future software developers, computer programmers, or choose to study STEM subjects in future. Computer coding helps in decision making, logic, and maths and is good for long term memory.

We teach children in schools and community centres in Milton Keynes and its surrounding areas. We start with the basics then progress to advanced games development. 

In the same module we introduce children to internet safety, an essential tool for children to be aware of dangers while on the internet, who they should and shouldn’t talk to, and what actions to take in case they receive requests for friendship. 

If your school or community centre is interested in taking part in our training program, please email: for more details.

Internet Safety Awareness

The internet is one of the most important tools that children and youths use for learning, communication, playing games, entertainment and much more. Accessing content online has its dangers and young people have to take precautions and care to avoid cyberbullying, exploitation, grooming etc.
Our online awareness safety sessions are geared towards safe, friendly, conscious and ethical internet use. We provide tools and resources for young people to stay safe while accessing online content.


There are a number of problems that young people face online. We tackle the most devastating problems like those that force girls to close social media accounts, where adults meet children, bullying, abuse, stalking, grooming and other important risks.


Our training course is visual and engaging, based on real-life examples, with multi-media production all conducted in a relaxed environment with participatory learning where the students discuss a particular problem and come up with a solution. By the end of the session, the students are able to recognise a problem and act swiftly to resolve it.


We provide participants with the tools and resources to use when a potential problem is identified. Often when young people are faced with an online threat like online bullying, they don’t know how to deal with it, and in extreme cases this has led to some taking their own lives. Our tools and resources help them stay alive.

Introduction to AI

Our training session introduces secondary school students in Milton Keynes to the art of programming, using Python, Machine Learning algorithm and its associated libraries.
Students build models and predict outcomes from data frames. This inspires them to study Artificial Intelligence at university.

After Covid-19 we are in the works to teach Machine Learning skills to Refugees and Asylum seekers in Milton Keynes.